Analysis Of Jonathan Edwards Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God

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Decisions are something every human makes every day whether they are forced or made by one’s own self. At every moment, humans make decisions based on what they think is the best choice or what will have the best outcome. People make choices based on the events going on around them. There are different motivators for their decision. In Jonathan Edwards, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”, he uses God’s wrath as a motivator to make people convert to Puritinism. Fear motivates us to do things even if we don’t want to because we want to prevent the reality we fear from occurring. This applies to events in history and even modern day. However, there are other motivators too. Everyone has made bad decisions, whether it’s fear, religion or benefits.

To begin with, if you look at history, or even current events, fear
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”So that thus it is, that natural Men are held in the Hand of God over the Pit of Hell.” (Edwards 11.) For people who believe in this angry God, as well as their own sinfulness, this is an incredibly risky situation, which they have no control. Their lack of control over their fate may be the most powerful and frightening impression in Edwards sermon. Furthermore, Edwards speech by the end gives that an offer of grace. Using God's grace as a motivator could possibly be effective, but this would only work for people who could accept their sinful nature. “In short, they have no Refuge, nothing to take hold of, all that preserves them every Moment is the mere arbitrary Will, and uncovenanted unobliged Forbearance of an incensed God.” (Edwards 12.) Thus, only proving that all men can only be saved by repenting to God’s will. The people led to believe that they are being held up only by God's hand is meant to convince the congregation that they are stopped only by God's hand for the moment from dropping into

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