Analysis Of Johnathan Foer 's ' Let Them Eat Dog ' And ' A Modest Proposal '

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Johnathan Foer in "Let Them Eat Dog" suggests that to solve hunger, individuals within society should eat the millions of dogs that are going to be euthanized in shelters. In Johnathan Swift 's argument, "A Modest Proposal", he suggests that Ireland combat the famine during that time by using the surplus of children as a food source. "Let Them Eat Dog" and "A Modest Proposal" are arguments written satirically to inform society of a historically long problem, indifference. Foer and Swift call upon society to recognize the problem, to move society to care about finding a solution, and to inform society of the inefficiency of instinctual thinking. These proposals were made because, they not only offer a solution to hunger, but do so in a quick, cost efficient manner. As decades pass, society continues to see a growing increase in world hunger and a steady decrease in resources. Though one thing remains the same throughout history, and that is societies around the world ignoring this epidemic. As long as this problem does not personally affect a person, that person will remain indifferent to this issue. We ignore the well-being of others to focus on our own well-being. Foer and Swift use satire to criticize society’s illogical thinking about this issue, and to draw the reader’s attention on the subject. If people are going to think illogically anyway, why not offer a solution that is just as illogical? One person cannot single-handedly change this issue. Instead, we need to…

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