Analysis Of John Drake 's Presentation Essay

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After listening to John Drake’s presentation, I can really tell that he loved his job and that it was not just nonsense that he was giving the audience. He gave a lot of useful information about how to adapt in international business, and I will touch on a few that I feel is important to me to become a better person along with being a better leader.
Getting to Know People
One of the biggest challenges that managers are faced with is not how much a manager can get done by themselves, but how to get things done with the help of others. This can be done by gaining the trust of people, which will involve the manager to building a successful relationship with their employees by knowing the employees as individuals, not as a whole. Additionally, this will help a manager know each individual’s strengths, weaknesses, communication style and learning style. Knowing these traits can help with delegating job duties (Miremadi, 2014, p. 1).
During his presentation, Drake mentioned how he attained the peoples’ trust was by getting to know them. He would take pictures of the employees and their families then he would give the pictures to the employees or post them up at the worksite. Additionally, he would attend the secret barbeques, which involved him eating food that Americans are not use to eating. By doing these things, it showed the employees that Drake did not consider himself above them, but instead, one of them.
Additionally, getting to know people and…

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