Analysis Of Job Analysis

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Job analysis according to Zaid (2013) is the organized process of defining the various expertise, knowledge and duties which are necessary for carrying out jobs in an organization.
In addition, job analysis could also be defined as the collection of data on the numerous job activities, behavior required from employees, the conditions of the working environment, human personality and the capabilities necessary to perform the job and this is done by using various analysis technique such as interview, questionnaire, observation, participant diary log (Dessler, Munro &Cole 2011)

For the purpose of designing a strategic plan, analyzing the job and verification is an important step, It must be carried out internally and also in the
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Interview is viewed as the most widely used technique for establishing the responsibilities of a job and the three types of interview include; individual interview, group interview and supervisory interview( Dessler et al., 2011).
Unions in the organization
There are various unions in the organization, these union help in keeping employees rest assured. These unions fight for employees’ rights.
Professional Employee Association (PEA)
This is one of the unions in the company. The PEA is a labour union and it has constitution which sets out similar and related objectives and labor law which gives it identical commitments and rights which is useful to exemplify its members in combined bargaining as applied to other labor unions in British Columbia (professional employee association, 2013).
The PEA according to Professional employee association (2013) has so many advantages some of which are;
• The PEA is a union,which is very well certified under the BC labour relations
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Companies should make more efforts in retaining their employees by providing mouth watering salaries, bonus. There is a lot of competition for employees in the north and the organization should always stay at the top of their game.
Training: Companies could bring in unqualified candidates, train them and with this there could be an agreement that the candidate would work for the organization for a particular period of time. Candidates like this would continually remain committed to the organization. Selection
This is the procedure managers and others use precise instrument to select from a list of applicants of people who are most expected to achieve the given management goals and legal requirement in the job (Bratton &Gold, 2007). The main purpose of selection is to pick the appropriate candidates who meet the requiremnts of the organization and job best interest (Khan, 2008).
Appropriate selection is very important because it has a huge impact on company’s performance and inappropriate selection could lead to legal issues and future costs for the company (Dessler et al.,2011).


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