Analysis Of Jhumpa Lahiri's Unaccustomed Earth And Hell Heaven

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In Haiti’s Unaccustomed Earth’s, “Hell heaven”, Jhumpa Lahiri demonstrates the struggle of immigrants living in the United States with Bengali culture. The story demonstrates how the characters Usha and Pranab make decisions that will lead them to choose one culture over the other. Similarly, in the second story, “Unaccustomed earth,” Ruma also highlights the negativity of culture and how it had made an effect on her family. Both stories emphasize culture as a common theme that comes after a long struggle. Thought different plots in each story, culture comes in many ways. Usha and Ruma are Bengali ladies that demonstrate the negative effects that occur coming from a different culture. Usha and her family are from Calcutt, India and migrated to America for the benefits of jobs and education. Usha reveals how her family strongly holds on to their cultural roots and practices. Her mother is clearly disappointed from the people with the same background. She utters that one’s actions changes to please a person from a different culture. For instance, Pranab …show more content…
Usha and Ruma are Bengali immigrants that experience the hardships of having different cultural roots. Pranab avoided his culture and traditions to interact with an American girl. Their marriage did not last due to different backgrounds. Likewise, Ruma and her child struggled the differences between them in food, manners, and the way they are raised. The author in the story is implying that a person’s roots will always follow them throughout life. No matter how much a higher culture can draw your attention, your cultural roots will always be the true image of you. The author also points out that two people with different culture (even your own child), will result a difficult relationship between including accepting the same

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