Essay on Analysis Of Jay Chou 's ' The King Of The Pop '

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When people talked about the king of the pop, Michael Jackson may be the first answer jump up from their mind. However, if it’s in China this person could be the Chinese version of king of the pop, that is Jay Chou. In the circle of entertainment, they never lack of beauty and genius, but Jay Chou may be the fewer who only depends on talented to hold on this circle for many years. Back to 2000 nobody will believe this boy who have speak with a lisp can represent an era. What is his inspiration? Who had support him for all his achievements? Well, family may be the first feature influenced Jay Chou. As a gifted child if you do not have a great guide to lead you, your talent may finally have faded. For Jay Chou, his mother Huimei Ye may be one lightning his future road.
In 2000, Jay released his first album “Jay”. In a normal situation, a talented person who can sing and write song should suddenly become famous, but his album was criticized by many critics, not only did they assumed he can’t sing but also query the lyrics in his song were worthless. At that time, his lyrics was usually write by himself of his friends who is a lyricist, Wenshan Fang. These comments were not the first time Chou had in his life. After his first performance in Taiwan on 1997, he was signed in a company and begin to write song for the other signer and Fang was also met at that time. When he had his first song Yan Lei Zhi Dao (tears known) and recommended to Andy Lau (a famous singer, actor in…

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