Analysis Of James Madison 's The Constitution Essay

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In this document, James Madison explains the reasoning of the Continental Congress’s decision to revise the Articles of Confederation. Many events such as national bankruptcy, tension with the British and problems in Massachusetts occurred and showcased the weaknesses of the current Articles. Madison is quick to proclaim the futility of those Articles unless a provision is placed on them. A solution which various leaders, including Madison, supported was the idea of a centralized government rather than the separate ones in each state.

The significance of the document is the information that James Madison supplies on the reasoning of the decision to make the Constitution. Madison was the chief recorder of information and a representative of Virginia, whose Virginia Plan was the basis of the debate on the development of the Constitution. In the document, Madison is also playing on the patriotism of the people by making them see that a centralized government is the best option of the United States to prosper.
In the document, Benjamin Franklin is speaking to the President and members of the convention about his opinions on the Constitution. He addresses the concerns he has for the future with the Constitution in place and his disapprovement of some sections of it. However, he goes on to say that besides the concerns, the document is the best it can be with the clashing perspectives of various men. In the end, he repeats his statement and encourages his fellow men and sign…

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