Summarize Plans From The Constitutional Convention Summary

Summarize Plans from the Constitutional Convention

In the reference of “Virginia Plan” by Levy, Leonard W (2000), it states that the central government was no longer able to stand against the state encroachments under the Article of Confederation. In order to solve this problem, at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, Virginia Plan, draft by James Madison, was established to centralize the power of the government and bicameral Congress, one house elected by the people, and the other one was by the first house, to be nominated based on population of a state or its financial statue. This plan enhanced the power of the legislature of the government which prevented the state legislation from contradicting the national harmony. On the other hand, state laws could be vetoed by the Congress with the agreement of the Executive and Judicial. The Virginia Plan weakened this state powers and empower the Congress, maintaining the harmony of the nation and push the political system to upper level.
In the paper of “New Jersey Plan” by Levy, Leonard W, William
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Brain describes that because of the growth of the population of some small states. It was written by the Connecticut Delegate Roger Sherman, who suggested that each state should have different size of the House of Representatives based on its population, and should represent equally in the Senate regardless of its population. It also influenced the thought of James Madison who wrote the Virginia Plan. He created a role called federal judges who is nominated by the president to modify the judicial system. The Great Compromise is a composition of the Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan building the current legislature of the United States with two houses, one based on population and elected by the people and the other house allowing two senators per

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