Essay about Analysis Of Jackson Katz 's ' The Monsters Next Door '

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Jackson Katz’s commentary surrounding the Newtown shooting reiterates feminist, specifically men’s studies, discourses over the last thirty years. Katz, also director of the film ‘Tough Guise’, uses his platform on the Huffington Post website to call for change in the navigation of the socially-fraught waters surrounding mass murder events. A more detailed and focused discussion can be found developing these ideas, in Mia Consalvo’s The Monsters Next Door, wherein which she develops the notion of multiple masculinities and the hierarchy of power that exists within them. This essay will analyse what features of the human body are rendered invisible or significant, as argued by both authors, and where their depictions of masculinity conflict or concur.
First, to contextualise the audience, Katz’s argument opens with stressing the cavernous divide between the scholars’ discussion and the discussions that are publicised by news media, a theme echoed to some extent by Consalvo. The opening paragraphs recall an ‘unsettling dichotomy’, where scholars’ multiplicative discussions of men’s emotional struggles, the ‘rugged individualism’ producing disconnection and isolation (Katz), and violence as a gendered phenomenon exist forever at odds with a gender-blind, monolithic spectre of modern media. The media’s failure to question whiteness and maleness in relation to the violence that they are so clearly correlated with ends up reducing both factors to irrelevance and invisibility,…

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