Personal Narrative: Tsunami Of Emotions

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A tsunami of emotions asphyxiates me in disorienting turbulence. I don’t want to leave my bed. My feet are cold, no, not in the literal sense, in the figurative sense. Something is amiss. Something is banging around somewhere where there shouldn’t be any banging, at least to my immediate recollection. What to do? Do I desert my bed to hunt down the bangs and their originator(s)? Do I pull the my eiderdown duvet over my head and shimmy from the headboard toward the foot of the bed to make myself as small and as invisible as possible? Do I listen intently to catalogue, isolate and eliminate each sound as the normalcy of the night? Do I pretend not to hear the banging, and force the belief that I’m in a dream, disturbing its reality with my cognizant presence?
Indecision, the reader
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My curiosity ambushed me with a successful, though minuscule incursion into my indecision by implementing a diversion. My hearing became acute suddenly and all sound became amplified. Out there, outside my eiderdown, the banging was getting louder as it advanced toward me. Now other logicians and emotionalists aiding my curiosity sprung into action. The melee was horrific and relentless, but my indecision fought off all adversaries easily turning my emotionalists to its cause. Even with my emotionalists siding with my indecision, my indecision was no match for my curiosity and my logicians. I was wavering, succumbing incrementally to the need to end my uncertainty and ascertain just what or who was banging throughout my dwelling with an abandon and an apparent determination to remove me from my eiderdown fitted sheet sandwich and to lure me into a decision that would assassinate my fantastical and logical speculation.
Impregnated by trepidation, I squirmed toward the head of my bed, unfolding with the painful slowness of an amputee sloth. As I squirmed head-ward and the rasp of sheet and eiderdown baffled the banging, my courage joined the fray in my curiosity’s

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