Analysis Of ' I Like You As A Friend ' Essay

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In the third journal article by Heidi M. Reeder, ‘I like you…as a friend’: The role of attraction in cross-sex friendship, she begins by defining friendship and breaking it down as to what is attractive to each party in a friendship. While most other research has been focused on how sexual attractiveness is the underlying motivator for an opposite-sex friendship, Reeder conducts research to conclude if that is the only motivator. She performs a study using in-depth interviews of 20 opposite-sex friendship pairs and discovers four type of attraction that can occur. She then gives out a questionnaire to college aged participants to determine the frequency of each of the four types of attraction. The research methodology, rationale and results were presented for each study. In the first study, Reeder “discovered that there are four qualitatively different types of attraction: subjective physical/sexual attraction, objective physical/sexual attraction, romantic attraction, and friendship attraction.” (Reeder, 2000) She explains that the first two types of attraction occurred when the friend was perceived to be a good-looking person and could be experienced subjectively or objectively. Subjectively a friend would think the other as good-looking or attractive. Objectively, a friend would think the other is good-looking but the person did not feel attracted to that person in general. Romantic attraction occurs when the friend is “attracted to the idea of turning the friendship…

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