Analysis Of ' How I Met Your Mother ' Essay

2179 Words Nov 18th, 2016 9 Pages
In the show, “How I Met Your Mother” a group of five friends in their twenties share memories, experiences and jokes while each embarking upon their own unique journeys through early adulthood. In the ninth and final season of the show, the eighteenth episode revolves around the wedding day of two of the main characters. Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky are getting married, but Barney, the opportunist, high energy groom is completely incapacitated from his previous night out. With wedding pictures just two hours away, Robin and the rest of the friends get together and realize that the only way to get Barney on his feet is to create the magical hangover cure that Barney claims his Great Uncle invented. After a long journey they realize that this magical cure that had worked for each of them was just a placebo. But why did the placebo effect work effectively to allow Barney Stinson to cure his friends’ hangovers with a made up drink? While Barney’s hangover is not cured in time for pictures a lot can be taught about the placebo effect using this question as the lens for exploration. The placebo effect is often credited to biological roots, but the real reason for its effectiveness in this show is because of the strong relationships between the characters. This research paper will prove how Barney Stinson’s close relationships with his friends helped to create the expectations necessary for the placebo effect to cure even the strongest of his friends’ hangovers with a made…

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