Analysis Of ' He And She ' What 's The Real Difference? Essay

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“It definitely sharpened my interest in language, the way people used language, slang words, speech patterns. There 's a big advantage to being the outsider” (1). This is a quote by Amy Heckerling, and it explains how speech patterns often go unnoticed by people of a certain group. A person with a southern accent believes that their accent is the normal, and a person with a Boston accent does not think they have one. Clive Thompson’s article “He and She; What’s the Real Difference?” explains an experiment that created an algorithm that is able to identify whether a piece of text was written by a male or female. The algorithm is surprisingly very accurate, and is more often correct than incorrect; furthermore, it uses keywords to be able to identify the gender. Paul Roberts’ article “Speech Communities” is an in depth explanation of how a child develops their speech patterns. While in the early years of development, the child receives most of his influence from his family, but as he grows, his influences come from school, work, and other environments that surround him. While “He and She: What’s the Real Difference?” focuses on each gender’s word choice, “Speech Communities” describes the effect of the environment upon a person’s speech patterns, yet both articles coalesce to showcase speech patterns between certain groups of people.
Thompson’s article “He and She: What’s the Real Difference” compares the differences between male and female writing by highlighting the speech…

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