Man Child Audre Lorde Analysis

Man Child: A Black Lesbian Feminist’s Response
Firstly, Audre Lorde is writing this story around 1970s, that must have been a very hard to be a person of color but, a lesbian in an inter racial, same gender relationship. When she first felt that it was important to make her son stand up to the bullies, i agreed with her. After reading more and seeing how she shared with her son i changed my mind. I was completly with her that her son need to be taught how to be strong as a person of color. It is true as we grow up, we forget how our life was when we were in school. When i was y
I found her narrative to be very enlightening for the most part, because I did not know how much of a struggle lesbian parents group
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This situation was alarming and sad to read because made me think of how many immigrants or old people are treated in this disgusting manner. They must have been a very good reason why they ordered a CAT scan to begin with and only tell the woman that we have lost and there is nothing that can be done. I found to be very disconcerting because I feel a hospital is not place for such behavior. If they did not understand her, they should have asked for translator. The hospital was discourteous and careless when talking to Tan’s mother. She was disregarded first, because of her age and second, because of her accent and english she spoke. Instead of looking at her as though she was a deranged old woman, they should have listened to her concerns rather than, asking her to leave without any explanation. Furthermore, I can not imagine how much stress she was going through given that, her husband and son died from brain tumors.
What is familiar to me is how mother was treated by people in society because of the way she spoke. When I came to New York I had to change how I spelt some words and others words I had to completely stop using them. The reason for this is that we were taught British english in school. There is very little difference between American and British english but that did not stop people from saying they did not understand me. It can be very frustrating when you are thinking what you are saying but someone is telling you it does not make

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