Analysis Of Hassan V. City Of New York Essay

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In this particular case, Hassan v. City of New York, a variety of issues have been raised that intersect with the idea of government surveillance on these Muslim Communities. This case does not utilize a federal or state RFRA, but rather focuses strictly on determining the legal validity of the government surveillance program of Muslim Americans. The Plaintiffs have argued that the NYPD’s government surveillance program has violated the equal protection, establishment, and free exercise freedoms given to them under the constitution. To understand these issues, it is important to examine each of these issues one by one.
First, there is the issue of equal protection. The issue the plaintiffs raise here is whether government can legally single out and discriminate against these Muslim Americans based purely on religion. Currently, religion is not seen as a “suspect classification” unlike race, because it can be changed, yet for most people, identifying with or practicing a religion is an immutable part of their identity as a person. The plaintiffs argue that choosing to surveilling the Muslim Community in particular should be viewed as unconstitutional discrimination, while the NYPD argues that surveillance on the Muslim community based on their religious affiliation and classification is well within their constitutional rights, since religion doesn’t fall into the same “suspect classification” categories of race and gender.
The second issue raised by this case deals with the…

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