Analysis Of ' Grendel 's ' Of The World 's Weird Wall ' Essay

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In Grendel literary techniques help Gardner to establish the idea of an already corrupt mind collapsing around the edges. As the novel progresses the energy created intensifies and captivates the audience. In John Gardner’s Grendel kennings, existentialism and metaphor are used to highlight Grendle’s isolation and clearly establish a central idea that isolating one’s self leads to self-destruction.
Notably, signs of isolation in Grendel are evident from the very beginning with kennings to demonstrate Grendle’s emotions throughout the novel. The first evident sign of isolation established through kennings is found on in chapter 1; it reads “such are tiresome memories of a shadow-shooter, earth-rim-roamer, walker of the world’s weird wall” (Gardner 7). Through this statement Gardner describes how Grendel is feeling; not only does this give insight into Grendle’s thoughts, but it also helps to establish the central mood of the novel. The author uses the word Shadow –shooter to give insight into the idea that Grendel feels like he has been in constant hiding because of his outcastedness, while on the other hand earth-rim-roamer zones in on the concept that he feels he is not tied him down and no one can force him into becoming so. The analysis of these words can show us valid ties to the theme because the emotions we see through the words like shadow shooter, earth rim roamer and walker of the world’s weird wall are the very ones that pull him down the path of his destruction.…

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