Essay Analysis Of Grandma The Progressive And The Dancing Girl

726 Words Dec 11th, 2014 3 Pages
Feminism, and the idea of gender equality, clashes harshly with the cultural sense of traditionalism in both Grandma the Progressive and The Dancing Girl through male and female perspectives. Within these stories, traditional stigmas and unequivocal prejudice is placed on Thai woman causing conflict and a reevaluation of gender equality. Although humorous, Grandma the Progressive focuses on an aristocratic and traditional idol for the granddaughters to become. Grandma dwells on the past and uses her matriarchal position to impose her traditionalist stigmas to her future generation. The Dancing Girl uses a unique male position to draw criticism upon the male prospective of woman in the society. Through the thematic setting of fishing, essential to the culture of Thailand, and through the consistent symbol of the color red, similar critiques upon the female societal role are made. Referring back to the humorous story of Grandma, this short story lead to promote the inaccuracies of traditionalistic lifestyles and how they apply to modern life. Grandma always refers to being, “Progressive…” as well as telling the girls to always be “keeping up to date if you want to be happy in the world.” These theories and traditional stigmas that are placed upon these girls, take a dramatic turn when Noy comes to Grandma asking for help. The readers find Noy to be smart, clean in her house work, and fully capable of pleasing her man; a perfect traditional woman by Grandma’s traditional…

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