Analysis Of Gish Jen 's ' Who 's Irish? Essay

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The Puzzle.
The story “who’s Irish?” by Gish Jen is a story of an elderly Chinese woman, living with her daughter in the United States of America. She takes care of her granddaughter Sophie while her daughter goes to work; as a way of being supportive to her daughter. She does not like how Sophie is wild; she insists that no Chinese girl acts as she does. She ends up disciplining her the way a proper Chinese girl is raised, after she misbehaves which according to her it is through spanking. This brings conflict between the narrator and her daughter, Natalie. The two women argue and the narrator ends up having to move out. Eventually end up spending very little time with each other. Culture defines who we are. Each race encompasses a multitude of different ethnic groups. There are many ethnic groups in the United States; each of the groups contributes to America’s cultural heritage. I am an African and some of my relatives are white. Conflict sometimes arises between us but we try to overlook it and live optimistic lives because we are one family. The story “who’s Irish” directly relates to the story of my life regarding culture and how it affects the people around me in different ways as I will illustrate below.
To begin with, cultural conflict has been brought up in the short story. The narrator who is Natalie’s mother is having conflict with her daughter Natalie. Her daughter does not like how she disciplines their three- year- old Sophie after she misbehaves by spanking…

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