Essay about Analysis Of George Washington 's ' The Great Washington '

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Katlyn Wlodyga
Dr. Ritter
25 September, 2016
Inventing George Washington To this day, George Washington remains one of the most influential figures in the history of our country. He has been revered throughout time and continues to inspire people even today. In Inventing George Washington, Edward Lengel explores the myths that have been created surrounding who Washington was as a person; myths that were created in order to carry our country through rough times in history. Lengel takes these myths and uses factual evidence to contradict them, also providing the reader with reasons Americans created this persona of Washington. Biographers sought to portray a noble hero who was all-knowing and pure. Lengel’s purpose is to show that Americans have created a portrait of who they needed and wanted Washington to be, rather than staying true to whom he really was. George Washington passed away on December 14, 1799, which largely impacted the American people. His death occurred when political divisions and external threats were at an all-time high, leaving America feeling more vulnerable than ever. The word of his death traveled rather slowly, spreading only by word of mouth. Lengel writes, “People sought details from other sources. These included storytellers and rumormongers, who subjected Washington to the proverbial thousand deaths by fire, famine, and sword” (12). Explanations immediately began to spread, each giving a different account as to the events…

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