Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' Nineteen Eighty Four ' The Apartment Above Mr. Charrington 's Thrift Store

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In George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, the apartment above Mr. Charrington’s thrift store is a safe haven for Winston and Julia. For an extended period of time, Winston and Julia secretly convene to confer the faults in the ruling of Big Brother within the apartment. This occurs until they are unexpectedly arrested by the thought police. The outcome of the apartment however, is proven to have been foreshadowed beforehand. Firstly, it is recognized through Mr. Charrington, as he gains Winston’s trust and influences minor recalcitrant behaviour. Mr. Charrington’s actions are unlike any other citizen of Oceania and result in the expected subtle betrayal. Secondly, it is apparent Winston’s over-confidence of the security of the apartment undermines his ability to understand and recognize the danger he is in. Lastly, Winston’s negligence in observing and questioning his every surrounding result in failing to identify reasons as to how he is being deceived. In all instances, the certainty of Winston and Julia’s safe haven is proven questionable. Consequently, it is shown, Orwell provides significant indications foreshadowing the end of Mr. Charrington’s apartment.
To begin with, the end of Winston and Julia’s safe haven is foreshadowed by Mr. Charrington as he deceives in order to identify where their attitude with the authority of Big Brother lies. Mr. Charrington’s scheme commences as Winston enters the thrift store subsequent his prior acquisition. On this occasion, Mr.…

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