Analysis Of ' Frankenstein ' And The Birth Of Man Essay

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Creation is, by definition, the act of bringing life to where there was none to begin with. Christianity teaches us that all living things are born with an inherit purpose. A role to fulfil that brings to completion our lives.
Frankenstein, more than anything else, asks the question of what a living creature is to do, with no purpose instilled into them. At its very core, it is a story about the ramifications of creating life, assuming the role of the creator, and ultimately the level responsibility that we are expected from this act.
The novel itself seeks to deconstruct the story of genesis and the birth of man, by casting an imperfect being at the role of creator. Victor Frankenstein is the man put into the part of designer. A scientist who heeds no concern to the ethics of science.
While Victor does not seek to create life for personal glory, or even to disprove nay sayers, his motivation isn’t a directly noble one. The thing that fuels his obsessive pursuit to impart life to where there was none, derives from curiosity and the need to further himself as a scientist. But he does not examine the complexities of the morality surrounding his magnum opas.
While one may admire Victor’s determination at first, they will be wary of the implications of the task he wishes to undertake. But in his single minded pursuit to see the fruits of his labor come to come to fruition, he does not realize he is creating something that thoroughly disgusts him. After setting his goal, and…

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