Frankenstein As A Science Fiction In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Frankenstein As a Science Fiction

Frankenstein is a novel written by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley in 1880. Mary Shelley based her story on scientific breakthroughs and thus gave a plausible account of the science of her time.Basically Frankenstein is a novel that deals with the effects of science on humanity. Combining the concepts of supernatural and science fiction, the novel explores the theme of human progress and degradation as a result of newly brought opportunities and discoveries. The whole story moves around Victor Frankenstein a scientist who learns about modern science and has become fascinated with the “secret of life” and is successful in creating a huge monster. Victor Frankenstein is a modern Prometheus. He tries to take over
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Victor Frankenstein’s life was destroyed because of an obsession with the power to create life where none had been before. The monster he created could be seen as a representation of all those who are wronged in the selfish name of science. Victor Frankenstein compelled to lose his own family members and his own creation became the very cause of his own destruction. Frankenstein was curious enough to learn the hidden law of nature due to his fervent love for science, this event of the novel is very symbolic for the development of modern science.

Frankenstein’s main focus is from past to future. But the success is rewarded as a horrible situation. It is basically the Mary’s question to the thoughtless development of modern science. Frankenstein is a novel that is a work of fiction which explicitly deals with the effects of science on humanity. “Frankenstein” is horrific, it is not all about horror : most of “Frankenstein” deals with the amount of control that should exercised and the extent to which social boundaries should be pushed by scientists.
Science could not explain, nor was there anything that should stand in the way of discovery. “Frankenstein” was written as a strong, powerful rebuke to his deterministic, valueless approach to
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It allows to have the deep thought in the field of science. Frankenstein is a science fiction as Frankenstein collected the dead body parts and the bones of the animals for his further scientific study and experiments. He created the monster out of the dead body parts and the bones of the animals. Later he was successful in creating the monster by giving life to his creation by enforcing a huge amount of electricity throughout its body. The idea of generating the dead can be still found in today's science, for example, experimenting with electrodes stimulating the spinal cord of paralysed patients. Nowadays, even after the brain and heart have stopped functioning, organs and tissues(skin, bones) can be harvested and given a “second life” through

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