Analysis Of Felt Difficulties In The Fall Of The House Of Usher

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Felt Difficulties
1) When Roderick Usher and his friend opened the lady Madeline’s enclosed coffin, why didn’t she make any action?
2) Likewise, by the time they uncovered the coffin it was already two weeks from her death. The body of the corpse had to be decomposed to certain extent. However, it didn’t show any signs of decomposition. So, why didn’t they notice that?
3) At the ending part of the story, Roderick Usher admitted that he had heard his sister’s voices, and movements coming from the basement. Why didn’t the valet of the House of Usher hear it?
The Fall of the House of Usher Edgar Allan Poe was the American’s well-known writer. His most famous writings were the mystery and horror short stories, and the Gothic tales. The short stories of Poe’s influence the today’s detective story, movie and novel because nowadays writer, director or
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By seeing this, Poe’s major readers were, at length, from French. The meaning of the poem was “His heart is a tightened lute; as soon as one touches it, it echoes.” It could be assumed that Poe quoted the poem because he would like to mention the nature of his main character, Roderick Usher, was weak, and unstable. Also, the words of the narrator when talking about the ancestors of the House of Usher also could compare the current condition of Roderick Usher. The Usher’s ancestors were pretty famous for their taste of arts in various fields such as reading literature, painting, and playing the musical instruments. Their family was really honorable. The opposite of their glory of the Usher family could obviously be seen through the appearance of the House of Usher, and Roderick Usher’s letter in which he said he was ill physically and mentally. The mental agitating was oppressed him. Thus, he requested his friend, the narrator, to accompany him because he guessed the narrator’s companion would alleviate his illness and

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