Analysis Of Federalist 10 And Federalist 51 Essay

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After the failures of the Articles of Confederation, it was clear to the members of the Second Constitutional Convention that serious revisions to our government were necessary to have a prosperous nation. Thus the Constitution, with clear distinctions to the Articles, was drafted. James Madison, often cited as the Father of the Constitution, in conjunction with several other Federalist, like Alexander Hamilton, wrote the Federalist Papers to persuade members of Congress and the states to ratify the document. Noted by history as two of the most influential pieces from the collection, The Federalist Papers, Federalist 10 and Federalist 51 stand out by there clear and persuasive arguments as to why and how a strong national government would protect its citizens. Although Federalist 10 and 51 outline ways in which the new republic will protect the rights of its citizens, because the both the state and national governments consisted of a singular demographic, being rich white males, discrimination and the infringement of minority rights is ramped in American history In Federalist 10, Madison asserts that a representative democracy is the best way to limit the influence of factions that would otherwise destroy the nation; however, because for the majority of United States history the government consisted of only one faction, rich white males, millions of peoples’ rights were infringed upon. In this document Madison argues that delegation will destroy the disruptive nature of…

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