Edmund Randolph As A Tool For The Formation Of The Constitution

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The Constitution was created for our liberty, justice, and pursuit of happiness. The Articles of Confederation had some flaws that needed to be fixed by this new plan of government. Framers wanted the government to have a set of rules for the nation avoiding the abuse of power. In 1789, the United States Constitution was adopted creating a framework for a powerful national government that for more than 200 years has protected the nation’s interests and preserve national unity (Ginsberg, Benjamin, et al., 2014). A delegate who compromise and was a key for the formation of the Constitution was Edmund Randolph.
Edmund Randolph is recognized by the introduction of the Virginia Plan which the idea was the formation of a new government. Randolph’s idea in the
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When the delegates of smaller states found out about it they were mad at Randolph and Madison because Virginia was a big state. The Virginia Plan goal was to have separation of powers in the government. Giving the government the necessary power which avoided the abuse of power. These separation of powers were divided into legislative, executive, and judicial. Also, it gave the legislative power to study the states responsibilities and laws and those who did not accomplish the desired goals could be punished. A republican Constitution, and its existing laws, ought to be guaranteed to each State by the United States (The Virginia Plan, 2015). Randolph was intelligent to include both Federalist and Antifederalist ideas in his plan.
Nowadays, the privileges we have are attributed to the Constitution. Thank God that Edmund Randolph presented the Virginia Plan. What would have happened if Randolph did not have the initiative of the Virginia Plan, there is a great chance that we would not have a Constitution. The Virginia Plan was the basis that lead to the Constitution and that is why we now enjoy liberty, equality, and

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