Romantic Couple In Pride And Prejudice

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Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy, Jane Austen’s more commonly known and most beloved romantic couple to the masses. Despite being perfect for one another, they definitely didn’t start out as the most romantic couple in the novel. Many wish they had simply saved themselves the trouble of the second engagement and the near year of struggling and tension between the two by Elizabeth settling for Darcy’s attitude and rudeness the first time as other young women of her time would have done, in order to assure themselves financial security. The obvious problem is that there wouldn’t have been much of a book then, would there? The somewhat equally obvious other problem was her belief that he was “the last man in the world whom I could ever be …show more content…
When reading this book, the pride seems to be able to apply to everyone, although Darcy seems to be the narrator’s main aim with this particular trait. Jane Austen succeeded in that sense, he is the most undesirable character in the beginning, before his personal character is revealed. Darcy’s rudeness was the third thing that the people of Meryton find out about him, aside from his handsome looks and yearly income, which were the first and second thing to go around the room. Elizabeth hears this first hand in Darcy’s talk of her with Bingley during their very first night in each other’s acquaintance, “She is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me…” (pg 19) Darcy speaks of himself as if he is so much harder to tempt; when in fact Lizzy stops trying, she tempts him easily with her dark eyes and intelligence. His pride also spurred him on to write the quite long letter that he later gave to Elizabeth after his proposal. Darcy was angry that she had refused him, but his pride was wounded and that was what made him write the letter, explaining why it hadn’t been him who caused Wickham’s misfortunes. Towards the end of their journey of love, Darcy decides to take the words she said, meaning to hurt him at the time, and better himself in hopes that she would agree to marrying

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