Lady Catherine De Bourgh Character Analysis

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In the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, she displays a stark contrast between characters in the story. Throughout the novel, Austen discusses the theme of pride in certain characters. She focuses on two opposite sides of pride. The positive correct pride that has the attributes of self-respect, honor, and integrity of oneself and name. There is also negative pride that is defined by arrogance, self-indulgence, thoughts of superiority, and laziness. Mr. Darcy shows the most positive pride in the novel, and he is often compared to the negative pride characters throughout. Austen uses Darcy as a symbol of how a prideful person should act, and compares him to negative pride characters such as Mr. Bennet, Wickham, and Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Darcy is the …show more content…
She is the most dominating character in the entire story, she is overbearing to get her own way. She is also the most close-minded character, and can’t stand not getting her way. Lady Catherine even made sure that she told Elizabeth that she doesn’t condone her marriage to Darcy (Austen 37). She is more than likely the second richest character after Darcy, gaining her wealth from her husband deaths. She gives some good comparison of difference uses of pride. She is overall just a terrible person in the novel, and the only way she seems to have people speak well of her is cause of her wealth. Darcy and the other negative pride characters obviously differ on how they handle pride. Lady De Bourgh complete overarching pride in oneself, showing the negativity of pride. Mr. Bennet’s form of no pride whatsoever, both make Darcy seem like the most likable character in the novel. Darcy holds the right regard how someone in his situation would act. There is no such thing as a perfect character, and Darcy does have his faults in this story. However, he the character someone should base their own pride around if given the

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