Comparing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And Sojourner Truth

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Humanity does not see social, racial, or gender division; instead, humanity pursues equality among its individuals guided by the idea that justice endows its citizens with the rights to freedom and protection under the law. When the law denies its population these liberties, the nation must come together to alter social constructs and recover the societal balances no matter the losses along the way. In times of crisis such as these, the state follows the examples set forth for them by leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Sojourner Truth. Both frontrunners fought for a united nation where the honest foundations of law relied on ensuring civil liberties and where the individuals granted such rights defended the rights of those around them at all costs. On a rare instance in April 1963, Dr. King acknowledged some of his criticisms following his arrest during the Birmingham Campaign. A group of white clergy members dubbed Dr. King’s actions “unwise and untimely,” but Dr. King recalls the planning of the event and makes the point there is never a “‘well time’ in the view of those who have not suffered unduly from the disease of segregation” (King Jr). Segregation not only impedes upon one’s rights but strips him of them and many not suffering the consequences of segregation could not understand the …show more content…
King and Truth set out with noble ideals to end social division due to race and gender while construction human equality. Both make public cries for support in their efforts because without a firm backing they cannot yield their desired results. For a nation to come together in social equality, the entire population must fight in favor of civil liberties. In doing so, others may be asked to abandon their solace, family, beliefs, and personal endeavors. Dr. King and Truth’s successes evolved from their understanding that these were necessary sacrifices to combat all forms of social inequality as common humanity creates the best basis for a free

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