Donald Trump Building A Wall Analysis

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We have diversity of people in the United States, many of those being Immigrants from all around the word, not just Mexicans. For presidential candidate Donald Trump, He sees one main group as being immigrants and that is the Mexican immigrants. Trump has made comments on his rally, mentioning many bad things about Mexicans. The Americans voting for Trump, are all tied in with his manipulating lies. Their votes are the one’s who are supporting trumps vision for building the wall, even if they don’t agree with the wall being built. The wall is also creating divisions with business , this bringing tension to trades being made with Mexico. This is how Donald Trump building a wall shows how society is structured.

People who are against Donald Trump see the cruel ideas he has, this showing the kind of candidate we have running for president. Many of the people against him are immigrant families who are going to be affected by Trumps actions. This situation affects society because most of the immigrants do not have a voice, when it comes to having the privilege to vote. All this people are relying on friends, and families to make the right choice to help their families future. When I look at this problem I like to divide the society groups as the
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This meaning Trump will destroy many jobs, if Trump builds the wall immigrants will lose their homes. Families will be separated because the male figure in the family or the member that is bringing in the money to support their families will lose their jobs. It this article Immigration Impact it also mentions that their is many people who cross the border everyday for work, or school, he will prevent from getting money “the billions of dollars in two-way trade that sustain millions of U.S. jobs”. Overall the wall will affect many

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