Analysis Of Donald Horne 's ' The White Australia Policy ' Essay

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Donald Horne 's famous quote is often referred to by many Australians. However, people have taken its meaning at face value, focusing only on its first part, whereas Donald Horne meant it to be sarcastic. What he meant by this quote is that Australia has only prospered as a nation because of other countries and that the people within it have not done anything to contribute to this. He was very upset by some of Australia 's decisions such as the White Australia Policy. Many people believe that this quote is true but many people oppose it. When analysed in 5 different areas, social, historical, economical, environmental and political, and compared to other countries, in this case Vietnam, a decision can be made about whether this quote is true or not.

Distinctive social values refer to things that a country believe are important. Australia and Vietnam have a few similarities in their social values such as near gender equality and freedoms. Many people think that there is gender equality in Australia, however, there is still a way to go. In workplaces, there is a 24.7% gender pay gap and only 17.3% of chief executive officers are women (Workplace Gender Equality Agency 2014, pp. 3, 5.). However, Australia was the second country to give women the right to vote in 1902, after New Zealand (, n.d.). In Vietnam, women have the right to vote as well, but, like Australia, there isn 't complete gender equality. Similar to Australia, there is a 25% gender pay gap. As well as…

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