Analysis Of Do The Right Thing

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Style as a Formal System: Do the Right Thing (1989)
Do the Right Thing is an epic film that depicts the evils of racism in the society. Spike Lee directed the film with an aim of painting the picture of racial issues in the society. Lee was able to deliver the desired message through using film structures that includes editing methods, camera tricks, mis en scene and sound. As such, this essay will discuss the film structures in Do the right thing film and illustrate how the techniques deliver meaning they construct.
Mis en scene
Mis en scene in Do the right thing helps establish the mood and provide the audience with meaning. The Mis en scene in the film is represented with lighting, camera angles and camera movement. The Mis en scene techniques helped to reinforce theme of the film that is racial tension. Mis en scene is build up with sequences of canted angles, reverse shots, and shadowy light that makes the character feel helpless in a situation. In fact, the fires shots help build racial tension in the film to ensure the viewer explodes with emotion. The film consists of forty shots that last for approximately two minutes to create a climactic scene that describe racial struggles. A group of scenes have closed up shots in a Famous Pizzeria whereby African American teenagers are shot staring at the last size of pizza with anticipation. The
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Montage helps to display particular scenes, their environment and this enables the viewer to relate with the character feelings. For instance, there is a scene where montage displays summer heat that Brooklyn residents have to endure. The director used different montage methods that display how the residents are trying to cool off from the excessive heat. In addition, the montage shows the viewer how the heat is an element of oppression as it makes it difficult for people to carry out their daily

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