Analysis Of Discipleship By Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The book Discipleship was written by Dietrich Bonhoeffer and was published in 1937. It was his fourth volume of sixteen and has also been published under the title The Cost of Discipleship. Bonhoeffer was a pastor in Germany that was later arrested, imprisoned and executed by the Nazis.
Discsipleship is based on the belief that being a Christian and follower of Jesus comes at a cost, which is why he literally differentiates between costly grace and cheap grace. Costly grace is what is required. Cheap grace will destroy the church. We are called to be disciple and it is necessary to include Jesus Christ and give your life to following Christ. Simple obedience to God is necessary. There is a need to suffer as Christ suffered if we pick up the
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43.) Cheap grace comes without hard work and sacrifice. It leads to the misconception that being a disciple and follower of Christ does not come at a cost. Cheap grace causes people who are not Christians to have the wrong belief that it is easy to receive grace and they do not appreciate the true sacrifice that a disciple that has recived grace has made.
“Discipleship is a commitment to Christ.” and “Discipleship without Jesus Christ is choosing one’s own path.” (p. 48.) To be a true disciple one must deciate his life to Jesus Christ and follow Jesus and his teachings. And the only true disciple will follow Jesus Christ. Other people may call themselves disciples but if they are not committed to Jesus Chist and following Jesus Christ they are not fulfilling their role as a disciple. A disciple of Christ has made a full commitment to Christ.
“Jesus’ concrete call and simple obedience have their own irrevocable meaning.” (p. 81.) Simple obedience is a straight forward statement – a disciple must obey Jesus’ word. If one is not willing to obey Jesus and his words, they cannot be his disciple. Mnay people will call themselves disciples but are not willing to obey Jesus. Just like people who do not want to pay
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Therefore, beware of this extraordinariness, of the way that discipleship becomes visible.” (p. 148.) A disciple must be humble. Jesus discourages his disciples from showing their righteousness in front of others to impress them. A disciple’s good works should be done for self promotion or to be seen by others. The good works should be done to honor God.
“Jesus teaches his disciples to pray. What does that mean? We should not take for granted that we are allowed to pray.” (p. 152.) Just as Jesus cautions about doing good works, he also states that when praying they should not pray to draw attention to themselves. He enourages prayer in private so as to concentrate better on communicating with God and praying privately to God. He tells that God will reward you in public. Finally Jesus adds that God knows our needs before we ask for them in prayer.
Baptism is not something we offer to God. It is, rather, something Jesus Christ offers to us.” (p. 207.) Baptism transfers ownership to Jesus from the world. The past is taken away through baptism and the one that is baptized begins a new life. Focus moves to Jesus and away from the

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