Delicatessen Movie Essay

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Delicatessen is a ninety-nine minute movie, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Carc Caro filmed in 1991, starring Dominique Pinon, Marie Laure Dougnac and Jean Claude Dreyfus, which is a weird, black and dark, and also romantic movie. (wikipedia,2017) This movie has not been introduced any backgrounds such as country or era, however, it was obviously happening in a period of time that people were suffering economic crisis, poverty and starvation, so that people became cannibalistic. The whole film was framed in an old, dilapidated and unsanitary department, was adopted dim and dusky color as background, which could create a bizarre and horrifying cinematic effect, on the other hand, this film adopted humorous and funny filming way to make this film vivid.

This film tells a story that a butcher, who is also the landlord of an apartment, selling human flesh to his tenants, but not only that, his tenants are willing to be cannibalistic, even including those nearest and dearest. The actor, Louison, is a circus clown in the role, which becomes the butcher’s target by accident, who is finally survived under the help of Julie. Julie Clapet, the daughter of the butcher, who is the actress, fall in love with the actor, tried her best to rescue him. Love is an
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The plot has developed step by step from first plot point to midpoint to second plot point to end. For example, dim and dusky color of night backgrounds turned to bring color of daytime backgrounds, two boys were sitting on roof to play the song that Julie and Louison were used to play together, the combination of Julie’s cello and Louison’s Guiro germinated the romantic chemistry between them and by the end of the movie, they were sitting on roof space playing the same song as they used to play before. Everything was back to normal, bright, peace and

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