Analysis Of Dei Filius : Dogmatic Constitution On The Catholic Faith

1069 Words Apr 23rd, 2015 null Page
The author of Dei Filius: Dogmatic constitution on the Catholic faith, gave a very in depth yet intriguing explanation of not just who God is and how we perceive this ultimate being to be, but what exactly he means to us individually and as a society as well. In short, God is our savior, he is the creator of heaven and earth. With his everlasting love for us he sent his only son in attempt to teach us what our purpose is on this earth and how to go about living here in order to save us and give us the ability to share in everlasting life in the presence of his company: So what does this all mean? How do we even begin to wrap our head around what this all means? We must first read this piece in which this author constructs a very informative meaning for all this. While diving into the crux of the text. It is fairly clear what the first chapter is saying. The author connotes the idea, in accordance with the Catholic, Apostolic, and Catholic Church that there is only one God and the idea that our heavenly Father embodies so many important features and how imperative it is that we acknowledge them. Such as the fact that he is perfect. This sounds somewhat simple, yet is true but far beyond our understanding. We as people, cannot even begin to comprehend who exactly God is, it is beyond our own reason. Hence the need for such faith and devotion, as we’ve all been told countless times, it is merely a mystery. Everything God created is naturally good, including ourselves…

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