Analysis Of David Lodge 's ' Nice Work We Witness ' Essay

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In David Lodge 's surprisingly complex novel Nice Work we witness the extent to which we can impact one another. Through this story mainly revolves around the life of British Pringle 's Businessman Victor Wilcox, and temporary feminist scholar lecturer Robyn Penrose. Set during the span of winter in the fictional city of Rummidge. Shenanigans occur between the two as Robyn is assigned to shadow Vic under a government program - she a thirty four-year-old woman spends Wednesdays at the low-tech factory of an engineering firm, run by the forty-five-year-old Vic Wilcox. This causing both of them to have more encounters with the other than either would like - in the beginning at least. Vic and Robyn are charmingly established - archetypal without being humdrum, real without becoming distorted. Both change the other through the course of their encounters. As Robyn accepts the fact that the shadow program is happening, her feminist beliefs relax and she see 's the world in a new light. Vic discovers things within himself, some that he dislikes, he broadens his word view and develops a new sense of self.
As for the main characters, Robyn and Vic couldn’t be from more contrasting worlds. She specializing in the industrial novel and women 's writing, he a self-made man and manager of an engineering firm. The first chapter introduces us to Vic and then Robyn, and finally the shadow scheme which brings them together. Page 22 offers a perfect example regarding their personality…

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