David Kolb's Learning Theory Essay

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Everyone learns different than the person sitting right next to you. One of the most studied theories out there today is the David Kolb’s learning theory. Kolb’s believes that learning happens in a cycle that repeat themselves and each concept needs to take place in order for full understanding to happen: concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation. With concrete experience the person can either take on an experience either a brand new experience or a redo of an experience that has already been taken place. Once the experience is that happens the experience is reflected upon what happened to them and then capitulate what changes could be made to improve the experience. Lastly, the subject tests the changes that were made. Then after that if the subject is satisfied with the new experience, then they can exit the cycle at the …show more content…
For processing in this case the student reflects upon what just happened and applies feeling from themselves as well as others. Then the student acts upon it by applying the idea to the outside world. The interplay with watching and doing of an action is important as it internalizes the idea. McCarthy goes on to say there are four kinds of learner. The first one is the Imaginative Learning- Feeling as they mostly watch seeking meaning and involvement. The second one is Analytic Learner who likes to think about the information: learn facts, think though ideas, and get perspective from an expert. The Third Common Sense Learning involves experimenting which mean the learner has to do something with it to understand it. The fourth is Dynamic Learners who go through trial and error in order to learn the concept. Yet much like Kolb, McCarthy believes that learning takes place in a cycle and all must be experienced in order for learning to take

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