Analysis Of Dante 's Inferno Dante Essay

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Heaven is for the people who have done good in the world. Hell is where the sinners are found. It is up to the individual to earn their ticket to heaven. In Dante’s inferno Dante writes about his travels in Dante wrote about his travels through his own Hell that was built in his mind. The nine levels that he had in his own Hell were- limbo, lust, gluttony, avarice, anger, heresy, violence, fraud, and betrayal. The things Dante saw were horrific and grand. This made me ruminate about Hell. This led to me envisioning my own Hell which further led me to asking questions. What Hell is like? Is it different for everyone? Who would be there? what does it look like? Why were people sent there? There are three sins I would immediately place in any type of Hell: the act of talking behind peoples back, bullying, and abuse. Talking behind peoples back hurts the people that are being talked about and also may hurt the person that is being talked to. Bullying and abuse have both been labeled as things that we should go against. Both things that shouldn’t be happening in our lives, but sadly they take place everyday. Jenny from the TV series “Gossip Girl” would be in this room of Hell. She took her friends secrets and used them against them for her own benefit. She tore friendships and relationships apart because of her actions. Starting false rumors to hurt someone is hurtful to the target and also hurtful to anyone caring for the person. These people will be followed by every…

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