Drag Me To Hell Analysis

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"Drag Me to Hell" is a movie that was directed by Sam Raimi. The writers of "Drag Me to Hell" are Sam Raimi and Ivan Raimi. The date of release was May 29, 2009 in the United States. According to IMDB, this movie won 7 nominations and had other 22 nominations.
This movie is about a loan officer in a bank, that life changes because of an old gypsy lady. Christine Brown in the main character of this movie, she is the one that is going through all the events. Christine life changes when a gypsy lady comes and asks for a loan. As is her third time asking for one, Christine tells her that they can't extend her loan any longer. The reason why Christine tells her no is because she is trying to show her boss that she can handle difficult situations.
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A "morality tale" is defined as a story or narrative that we can derive moral from right and wrong. In this movie we able to see how the main character struggle with knowing what was good and bad. We are able to see many examples of this in the movie. First, were able to see this type of tale, when the old gypsy lady comes in asking for a third loan mortgage extension. The main character thinks that she is doing a good thing in order to get the promotion she tells the old gypsy lady no. The second example is when she kills her own kitten. When in order to get rid of her curse she has to sacrifice her kitten. I think at this time she was desperate to get rid of her curse that she was going to do anything to do so. Although, I found the scene to be very sad for the main character, as she said in the movie that she was vegan, and killing her own cat was against her beliefs. Lastly, we are also able to see almost at the end of the movie the struggle that Christine faces when doing the right thing. When she has to get rid of the curse button and give it to them as a gift. She tries to give it to her co-worker, but later realizes that is the wrong thing to do. I think that she doesn’t want to make the same mistake again and she also doesn't want to hurt him the same way she is hurting. If I was her I would probably would've given the curse button to …show more content…
The combination of comedy, suspense and horror were what made me enjoy this movie. I really liked the fact that this movie could be scary at one second and then funny at the next second. The anticipation that I had in every scene wondering when the next jump scare was going to be, was a way of keeping the viewers' attention. I really liked the suspense that was created with the camera angles. When something was about to happen, the camera would zoom in the characters face and the viewer and character found out at the same time what was going to happen. One thing that I was not expecting was the ending. I thought that after all the things she went through, she would at least be happy and be with her boyfriend. But, I think that it was a great way to end it and it was not a happy ending like most of the

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