Analysis Of Current Worker Friendly Policies Essay

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Analysis of Current Worker Friendly Policies As a new startup company, Veragon did not place a large amount of consideration on producing a family friendly work policy designed to reduce work-life conflict. The executive concept of building an ideal worker stems from the long-hour work culture theory and the risk for rewards philosophy (Burke, 2009). The idea is that workers would be willing to give up their time at home if there is significant monetarily rewarded for it. As Burke pointed out in the Journal of Business Ethics, many companies don 't feel the need to care about the number of hours their employees work, only about the bottom line. With the theory being that, pay would be enough to satisfy the employees’ needs. The companies plan in the past, based on the belief that by paying a rate for the skilled labor that was 10 to 15% over the industry standard, that they would elevate the need for any work life benefit other than what was federally mandated. The company currently believes that higher paid workers would not expect or need other work-life benefits. Mary Blair-Loy highlights this belief in her book, Competing Devotions, as she explains this mentality as being indicative of the early twenty-first-century American capitalist firm ideology (Blair-Loy, 2003). A mentality that is outdated based on modern society’s complexities. The only benefit package designed to reduce work life conflict that Veragon provides its workforce mirrors what the government…

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