Analysis Of 'Crime And Punishment: Protagonist'

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aroline Carmack
Dr. Smith

Crime and Punishment

Protagonist The protagonist of this novel is Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov. Raskolnikov is a former student, he had much potential but now destitute, and lives in a tiny apartment building which he never pays rent on time for. Raskolnikov experiences a lot of internal conflict during the entire novel. He does not dress well, he looks as if he does not care about his appearance and looks ragged. He is not a happy character; the language he uses is very gothic and depressing. He is not content with his life. Raskolnikov’s sister and mother love him dearly and even send him money when they can. Raskolnikov’s goal is to rob the old pawnbroker. He also wants to do wrongs and still have a clean conscience,
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"If he has a conscience he will suffer for his mistake. That will be punishment-as well as the prison." (pg.230) This quote applies to the novel because the ultimate question is whether or not Raskolnikov can live with the murders on his conscience. Raskolnikov believes that he still live life as before the same after he kills this woman. This quote applies to society because all criminals will either pay the price through their conscience and prison or just prison. This quote applies to me because I believe no matter how bad they person is, everyone has a sense of right and wrong and everyone has a conscience whether they admit to it or …show more content…
The main character, Raskolnikov, is a basket case. He is in a poor situation and alienates himself from society because of it. The author points out that Raskolnikov sees himself as above the law, or an extraordinary person. This belief is what drove Raskolnikov into thinking he could get away with murder without a guilt conscience and without being prosecuted. He soon realizes that guilt will consume him to the point of confession. The ending to novel is that Raskolnikov comes to realize that he is not above the law and he regains a sense of human morally.

My thoughts I agree with this analysis. Raskolnikov suffers from many mental issues, and secludes himself from society. The fact that he has the slightest faith that he will not feel anything after the crime is just an example of how reversed his mind is. Criminals will do the crime then truly believe that they did not do anything wrong. A Quilty conscience, though, can eat you soul alive.

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