Common Core Math Standards

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In both of these peer-reviewed articles, the authors discuss the standards for math in the common core and the problems that derived from them. In the article ‘Too Much Too Soon? Common Core Math Standards in the Early Years’ by Laura Fricke Main, she discusses standards in the common core, the promises of the standards, criticism of the standards, standards and assessment, and standards and young children. She stated that the final revision of the standards were a result of the general public, teachers, parents, business leaders, states and content area experts. She discusses criticism the standards received and how the common core is not curriculum and would show little effectiveness if implemented wrongly. She goes on to compare about how …show more content…
The majority of teachers now, have not been taught the common core while they were in school, considering it had only been introduced to schools in 2010. The articles are different by the in the information that is being offered. One article goes into great detail about the common core, and where it came from, and it talks about numerous ways it affects different aspects of education. Whereas in the other article, the authors talk more about the effects on educators the common core has …show more content…
The new standards in the common core were released to schools in the United States, giving teachers barely any time to learn the information for themselves, and were expected to know how to teach it to their students. A clear example of the common core being pushed onto teachers too rapidly is Tobias and Piercey’s, ‘Math Anxiety and the Common Core’. This article goes into the confusion that teachers are facing, dealing with the common core. Teachers argued that, what the common core standards were entailing, was nothing like they ever learned before and they did not feel comfortable learning new techniques. The CCSS have been attempting to patch up some of the misconceptions that came with the new standards, but found it to be ineffective. Teachers are arguing that the standards are changing the curriculum, but the CCSS says that is not true, they are only trying to show other ways to look at math problems. It is only because teachers are not familiar with the new standards, and they believe that what they had been taught in school was more efficient, that they are not grasping the new idea of the

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