Analysis Of Candy Apple Chick II By James Gill

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Register to read the introduction… The second piece of work that I am going to discuss is Candy Apple Chick II by James Gill. This piece consists of a portrait of a woman looking up, repeated three times along the top 1/3 of the canvas. She is surrounded by a flat but loud orange, trimmed in a rich blue. The remaining 2/3 of the canvas is the lower half of a woman from her shoulders down, stepping out of a car. This portion of the image is sectioned off in the shape of a rectangle, and flooded with a blue-green. It is surrounded by the same orange as the portraits above it. All of the subject matter was done in graphite pencil.

Artist: James Francis
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Andy Warhol was associated with screen printing, which is the process that he used on his portrait of Mao. The print was done on Beckett High White Paper and consisted of 4 different colors of ink. Mr. Warhol worked with a number of mediums but was very proficient in screen printing. At the height of his fame as a painter, Warhol had several assistants who produced his silk-screen multiples, following his directions to make different versions and variations. (The Philosophy of Andy Warhol) James Gill however, was not yet into the process of screen printing. Screen printing is a technique that he later became interested in and even stated in a documentary, “man I wish I would have done that,” in reference to Warhol’s work. (James Gill Full Circle) Gill’s work consisted of drawing and painting. In the artwork being discussed, Candy Apple Chick II, he used graphite pencil and lacquer, which are much different materials than used in Warhol’s Mao Tse-Tung. It was drawn on canvas. The mediums chosen by Gill and Warhol each required a different level of skill and

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