Analysis Of Bush 's Speech On Illegal Immigration Essay

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An Analysis “Bush’s Speech on Illegal Immigration”
Illegal Immigration into the United States is not a new problem, it is an advanced problem which has evolved in complexity over the last several decades. Although immigration, both legal and illegal, are by some considered negative and bad, it does have some good values. Through recent studies, data suggest that immigration has a positive impact on the economy. In the year 2012, it was reported that 18.7 million immigrants were naturalized U.S. citizens, accounting for 46 percent of the foreign-born population (40.8 million) and 6 percent of the total U.S. population (313.9 million) according to ACS estimates. Two texts, one a speech by former President George W. Bush, Jr. and an article by Kari Lydersen, reveal opposing views of the Illegal Immigration debate. In “Bush’s Speech on Illegal Immigration,” Bush states that, yes illegal immigration is a problem that we have had for many years, but he points out that his administration has solutions which he wants to implement in order to address it. In Lydersen 's “Litterers or Life Savers,” (the author) portrays the plight of ?????? Stanton, who was ticked for littering and faced a hefty fine and possible jail time. “Staton is a member of No More Deaths/No Mas Muertes, a border activism group that leaves water along trails for migrants crossing through the harsh, unforgiving Sonoran Desert.” (“Litterers or Life Savers, Paragraph 2). Lydersen 's article appears to be…

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