Analysis Of Bruno Latour 's Agency At The Time Of The Anthropocene

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What is the significance of the Earth being moved? In Bruno Latour’s “Agency at the Time of the Anthropocene,” the French multidisciplinary philosopher associates the importance of the Anthropocene epoch to humans by accentuating the fact that humans are quasi-subjects and have lost their autonomy. We distribute agency while also being acted on by other subjects; he claims that notion as the all-encompassing, distinctive quality that humanity exhibits. However, Latour does not directly consider the inequalities present in the world. From the beginning of imperialism and colonialism, the global north has subjected the global south to meet their demands. Thus, in a capitalist system such as ours, there will always be an entity pulling the strings. Latour’s statement that all humans have lost their autonomy is then put to question as some maintain their ability of subjection. Since discussion over environmentalism and the Anthropocene became more mainstream, an interesting topic has arisen: What is the effect of capitalism on global policies with respect to the future of humanity?
Succeeding the demographic cohort of the Millennials, the oldest of Generation Z will soon mature into the work force in the coming years. Because of how prevalent knowledge and social media was in their childhood, Generation Z will add a fresh dynamic into current discussions on the Anthropocene and capitalism. Our current capitalist system facilitates the persistence of inequality and disparity.…

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