Global Depletion Of Environment And Development

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According to Miguel Gonzalez’s lecture on environment and development, “each inhabitant of the global north consumes 10 times more energy, 19 times more aluminum, 14 times more paper, 13 times more iron & steel; than someone from the south” (Gonzalez, 2016) However, this does not mean that inhabitants of the global south do not contribute to global depletion of natural resources and environmental degradation. As the essay question highlights, both developed and underdeveloped countries create their own distinct pressures on the global environment and these pressures vary in their causes, manifestations and consequences.

There is a myriad of environmental issues which face the world today, some of which have been persistent since the 1970s, when “environmental concerns were first coupled to development” (Black, 2002).
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Using the examples of India and China, Maggie Black explains that “population growth continues to exert huge pressure on the natural resource base, and on the increasingly stressed urban fabric of most countries in the South” (Black, 2002) This issue with over population is fairly evident, especially in underdeveloped countries where natural resources are constantly being exploited. Without adequate family planning, the prospects for development shrink due to the inability of the resource base to “produce improvements in quality of life for populations that doubled themselves in less than a generation” (Black, 2002). Thus, while humans are at liberty to reproduce as frequently and as many times as they want, it is pertinent to understand that the increasing human population which Black (2002) reports to have taken 120 years to grow from one to two billion people and 35 years to reach three billion puts heavy pressure on the environment of global south

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