Analysis Of Breaking Bad In Macbeth

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Breaking Bad follows a Shakespearean tragedy because the bad or evil lies within a person rather then the universe pulling strings to fulfill the prophecy. Walt is his own worse enemy. In the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare we are given a prophecy that Macbeth will become king. However, we are left wondering if Macbeth would have never met the witches would he have committed all the acts of violence in order to become king? Many may argue that this element could be fate because Macbeth had no choice over meeting the witches, however, he did have choices and free will to act and fulfill the prophecy in the way he did. Thousands of people get diagnosed with cancer every day. The majority of them do not become cooks for national drug or international …show more content…
He no longer had the love or respect of his wife, his son doesn’t know who he truly is and all the evil he has done, and his daughter may never have any memories of her father, and she may learn who he is through lies by Skylar, or the media if Walt was to be caught. Walt having no control over his family turns to have control over his lab. He wastes hours of precious time trying to kill a fly that could contaminate the lab. Walt keeps seeing these flies as the worse thing that could happen. After Lady Macbeth assists in killing Duncan she goes mad. Like Walt she fixates on something. Originally Lady Macbeth said that water would wash away the sins of the deeds that she and Macbeth committed, but now she is fixated on a maybe imaginary spot. Lady Macbeth is finally realizing that what she has done cannot be fixed; as she worries about her eternal soul she spends her worry on a stain. (Shakespeare, 5.1). Similar to Walt with his seeing this fly, both characters are taking an internal problem and trying to make it external. They believe that by fixing the external problem that the internal problem will be solved. Walt has these realizations of what who he has become and what he has lost as a result of it become prevalent to Walt. He looks back at his recent life and at all he lost and wishes that he could have died before they found out, and before there was hate and atomicity. He wanted to die with the people he loved imagining him, as he was rather then the person he became. He is now realizing that nothing external can fix the internal problems and evil that he has done, and he must live with the consequences of his action regarding his families view on

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