The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Essay

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What is it that causes people to change, to alter the course of their lives and start a new? How can it be that somebody can switch personalities and become a different, fresh, exciting individual? The answer is traveling. People who travel tend to have a clear, worldly insight of the areas around them. Travelling causes people to move forward with their lives and gives them something to reflect on, and look to the future for. Traveling helped Walter Mitty change. In the film “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Quarky, lame, negative assets manager Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) gets thrust into a conundrum where he is forced to leave his country in search of a missing negative. We see Walter in enter three countries, Greenland, Iceland, and Afghanistan …show more content…
Walter then furthers on his travels to Iceland where he learns a huge lesson. The lesson of retrieving your childhood. We learn earlier in the movie that Mitty was an avid skateboarder. In Iceland his skills are put to the test where he must travel down to an erupting volcano on a long board. This lesson shows that Walter still hasn’t forgotten what he enjoyed being and who he was when he was a child. A child has no responsibilities, only aspirations and lacerations. They feel the world for what it is and what they picture it to be. It is only when people grow up that they lose grasp that the world is there to explore and they change where society wants them to change. This is exactly what happens to Walter Mitty. When his father died he was forced to enter society and give up being a child. In Iceland he relives his childhood by long boarder and remembers what he wanted to do in life. He also left the pizza place. This is significant because it shows that he left the society and the workplace that instructed him to act the way society says he should and the way he acted in the beginning of the film. His third and final definition in the film however will teach Walter who he is, and why he should love who he

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