Analysis Of Booker T. Washington Essay

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Like the women, the blacks also had a hard time fitting in with the whites in schools and needed to overcome obstacles in order to expand. One of the most influential people in black education was Booker T. Washington. Washington would teach himself the alphabet even though it was strictly frowned upon that a black person got an education. He would spend his nights studying with a teacher from a local black school. In 1870, he started to do housework for an owner of a coal mine. The owner’s wife actually told Washington to continue his studying and imprint the importance of education in him. He would eventually go to Hampton Institute in Virginia in 1872. It was a school made for blacks by the government of Virginia. Then, in 1881, the principal at Hampton Institute recommended Washington to the government of Alabama to become the principle of a school for black students in Tuskegee. Washington got the position. Once he got to Tuskegee, he realized that there was no land or buildings for the school. There was no funds for it either. He would start classes in a black church, teaching 30 students. Before long, he was able to borrow money in order to by an abandoned plantation and moved his school there. He wanted his students to learn industrial skills like carpentry, cabinet making, painting, shoemaking, and tinsmithing. These courses were the first things the school started to offer; but male students also studied farming and dairying, while the girls learned homemaking…

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