Analysis Of ' Birches ' By Robert Frost Essay

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Critics in the Resource Paper
In “Birches”, Robert Frost, The speakers sees a tree that is bent and he tries to believe that the boys swinging on the limb is the reason for it being bent. He knows that the real reason for the tree being bent is the ice storms that occur. Throughout the poem the speaker uses his imagination to escape what is actually happening. The speaker is alone and captivated in his imagination. In the poem the isolation is not necessarily a bad thing but an escape from the truth. The narrator also shows a little despair when he talks about the ice storms that have happened. The reflection being seen is his imagination taking him to a happier place. This can be related to Alfred Tennyson’s, poem “Ulysses”, by the isolation that Ulysses is in. He stays on a boat traveling the seas but once again we don’t see it much as a bad thing. He enjoys traveling because he does not like to stay in one place. He believed if he was not on the seas then he was not living life. The Arthur shows a little despair in the beginning from his friend’s death. Being on the sea is how he overcomes the despair and solitude. In “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Gilman, The main character struggles with anxiety and isolation. She is forces to hide her fears from everyone. She becomes obsessed with the yellow wallpaper in a room her husband makes her stay in. Towards the end you see a change when she has ripped the wallpaper off of the wall. In the short story and the poems the…

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