King Arthur: A Hero's Journey

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Swords, shields, and all things medieval. Everyone loves an adventurous tale of knights in shining armor, sword fighting to protect their kingdom full of castles and royalty. When an individual hears the term medieval, most imagine the courageous and noble King Arthur. King Arthur is remembered as this strong, brave leader, who although contained flaws, was a true hero. This is a tale that has stuck around longer than the others, but why? King Arthur has stuck with us for thousands of years not only because his story directly follows the hero’s journey, but also because he is human, and everyone like medieval stories. Every hero must go through a journey in order to achieve greatness. A hero begins by living an ordinary life. In King Arthur’s situation, he was being raised by his step-father and there was nothing special about it. As the journey continues, there is a point in the hero’s life where their their fate changes, the call to adventure. King Arthur pulled the Excalibur from stone making him the rightful King of Britain. The hero can either refuse to believe …show more content…
There are superhero’s that have powers to help fight against crime, there are animated cartoon characters on a child’s TV screen acting as hero’s in their own magical worlds, there are so many hero’s that aren’t human. That is why King Arthur’s story is so popular and why it still remains today. King Arthur is human which makes his story more real and relatable in a way. Like Arthur, everyday people don’t have superpowers or any farfetched talents that help him achieve his goals. He is human. He had a normal childhood, he suffered hardships and had successes, he possessed emotions that everyday people can relate to, King Arthur is flawed. He is flawed like every other human-being to ever walk the face of this Earth. People love a hero and they love it even more when the hero is just like them. That is why King Arthur’s story has

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